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I am a poet, writer and artist. My debut poetry pamphlet, Black Jam, is published with Broken Sleep Books.

My background is in art and design. I spent my childhood constantly drawing – characters from videogames, films, illustrations from books… anything that caught my imagination. I studied art all the way through school to higher education, taking a foundation Art and Design course in 2004 where I studied life drawing, painting, photography and sculpture. For my degree I specialised in Graphic Communication, developing an interest in design for books and print media.

For some time I was a freelance film reviewer, contributing reviews and opinion pieces to the cult website Den of Geek. I also covered the Leeds International Film Festival in 2005 as part of a young film journalist scheme, publishing articles in the Film Daily newsletter, attending press conferences and interviewing film directors (Terry Gilliam among them).

In late 2007 I began to write poetry and in 2009 I had my first poem published, in Poetry Wales magazine. Since then I have placed work with a range of journals, both print and online, including Poetry London, Magma, The Guardian, Ink Sweat & Tears, And Other Poems, Fuselit, Poems In Which and The Tangerine. I have also contributed work to several anthologies from Sidekick Books, and The Emma Press – including poems for children.

In recent months I have become interested in visual poetry, and more experimental forms. As such I have created collage poems, concrete poems and a poetry comic. I have collaborated with my friend and artist, Alex Stevens, on a number of projects – two of which have appeared in anthologies from Sidekick Books.

This Was No Suicide is a series you can now access on Tumblr, featuring an alternative take on the classic TV show Murder, She Wrote. I present a nightmarish mash-up of collage poetry in the form of episode synopses for the show, while Alex accompanies these with startlingly bizarre visuals, often featuring Angela Lansbury.

I was born and raised in Cardiff, Wales, where I still live. I have volunteered for Oxfam and worked for a hip hop clothing store, the NHS, and a major charity.

My debut full length poetry collection - Death Magazine - will be published with Salt in June 2019.

Thank you for checking out my website!