Cancerous Husband: or NaPoWriMo 2018 / by Matthew Haigh


The image above is the result of further experiments with cut-up poetry - this time taking episode synopses of 80s TV classic Golden Girls and splicing them with extracts from the William Burroughs classic, The Naked Lunch. 

I'm joining in with National Poetry Writing Month this year. The idea is to write one poem for every day of the month of April. It's quite a challenge and inevitably you end up running quite dry toward the end of the month, but it can be a great exercise for generating work you can come back to and polish up later. It also inspires you to just jump in and write about things you might normally think aren't worth it - and that's when you surprise yourself.

My approach is to use NaPoWriMo as an opportunity to sketch out ideas for a number of projects currently in the works. It's nearly the end of week 1 and the first set of poems I worked on were the aforementioned Golden Girls cut-ups. The next set I'm planning will be some poems inspired by video games. 

For those who are interested in following my progress, I'm posting each poem on the Poetry Free For All forum - a great place to interact with other poets and writers, see what others are up to, and get feedback on your work. It's worth noting that there are some really creative, interesting things being posted in the forum this year, so it's definitely worth checking out. Good luck to all fellow NaPoWriMo-ers!