NaPoWriMo: FFIX Eidolon Poems

As part of NaPoWriMo 2018 I've written a poem for each of the eidolons from Final Fantasy IX...


Opal (Shiva)

Pour into her shapely neck this plaster: 

the blood blizzards through her.

She’s ewe-born in a popped ball-gown

of viscous diamond dust.



Topaz (Ifrit)

Struck-match-breath, the burning of an old friend.

Ol’ russet-tongue, trussed up, glum beneath blood-moon,

called upon for strength at your lowest ebb.



Peridot (Ramuh)

Widgety grub-granddad, basks

at the base of the shot glass where

the absinthe acid-burns, his worn

fingers lost to lightning’s memory.



Amethyst (Atomos)

Sky-wide microbe, swallows clouds

and cities whole. What will it take

to sate this airborne cherry, spooky

berry that eats to fill a void.



Dark Matter (Odin)

Mr Shows-Up-When-He-Likes,

velvet guest at the masquerade

in a moonlight-studded mask.

Marble-kiss, cape-swish,

a hole left in your life.



Aquamarine (Leviathan)

And here’s the scaly-spear,

turquoise-bellied javelin hurled

too far in the world’s pond.

It’s belly up, my friend – close

your mud-moon eyes.



Garnet (Bahamut)

Arthritic wings, crab-claws, cultured from

a blood-seed, close that winged clasp one last time.

Leather bullet: sleep. Count pomegranate pips.



Pumice (Ark)

Heft of old war, hull of screaming

firebrand. Metal belly plugged with sand

and circuits. Retract your dust-wings,

chrysalis, lurk another year.



Sapphire (Fenrir)

Bitter howl in a bathysphere, every

breath a bauble. Space wolf’s sutures

scissored, burst, his cerulean ash

now fish food.



Phoenix Pinion (Phoenix)

We grip the grubby gold, tattered feather,

press to the milky hollow of a dead love’s

clavicle. It’s not working. Not working.



Ruby (Carbuncle)

Jade-droplet, star harvester, shellac-flake

dream and stuck fast like an oyster.  You are

the mirror now – all you do is reflect.



Ribbon (Madeen)

Plasma ball tightening skin ‘till lavender

confetti rains – muscle beast, imp or queen

or… actually, what even are you?