NaPoWriMo: FFIX Eidolon Poems

As part of NaPoWriMo 2018 I've written a poem for each of the eidolons from Final Fantasy IX...


Opal (Shiva)

Pour into her shapely neck this plaster: 

the blood blizzards through her.

She’s ewe-born in a popped ball-gown

of viscous diamond dust.



Topaz (Ifrit)

Struck-match-breath, the burning of an old friend.

Ol’ russet-tongue, trussed up, glum beneath blood-moon,

called upon for strength at your lowest ebb.



Peridot (Ramuh)

Widgety grub-granddad, basks

at the base of the shot glass where

the absinthe acid-burns, his worn

fingers lost to lightning’s memory.



Amethyst (Atomos)

Sky-wide microbe, swallows clouds

and cities whole. What will it take

to sate this airborne cherry, spooky

berry that eats to fill a void.



Dark Matter (Odin)

Mr Shows-Up-When-He-Likes,

velvet guest at the masquerade

in a moonlight-studded mask.

Marble-kiss, cape-swish,

a hole left in your life.



Aquamarine (Leviathan)

And here’s the scaly-spear,

turquoise-bellied javelin hurled

too far in the world’s pond.

It’s belly up, my friend – close

your mud-moon eyes.



Garnet (Bahamut)

Arthritic wings, crab-claws, cultured from

a blood-seed, close that winged clasp one last time.

Leather bullet: sleep. Count pomegranate pips.



Pumice (Ark)

Heft of old war, hull of screaming

firebrand. Metal belly plugged with sand

and circuits. Retract your dust-wings,

chrysalis, lurk another year.



Sapphire (Fenrir)

Bitter howl in a bathysphere, every

breath a bauble. Space wolf’s sutures

scissored, burst, his cerulean ash

now fish food.



Phoenix Pinion (Phoenix)

We grip the grubby gold, tattered feather,

press to the milky hollow of a dead love’s

clavicle. It’s not working. Not working.



Ruby (Carbuncle)

Jade-droplet, star harvester, shellac-flake

dream and stuck fast like an oyster.  You are

the mirror now – all you do is reflect.



Ribbon (Madeen)

Plasma ball tightening skin ‘till lavender

confetti rains – muscle beast, imp or queen

or… actually, what even are you?

Murder, She Wrote Episode Synopsis Cut-Ups - Season 1 Finale

 Image by Abject Objects

Image by Abject Objects

Episode 22: The Pink Funeral

Entrails of slaughtered cattle are examined and spread. A topless funeral pulses with secrets, while an overflowing friend has fifty plumes. The mint is out across the Wyoming mile. Jessica’s big moon threatens to unravel.


Murder, She Wrote Episode Synopsis Cut-Ups - Season 1

   Image by Abject Objects

Image by Abject Objects

Episode 21: Polish Murder

Spooky stars fork somebody. At the buzzing oasis, boys are systems of trees. The elaborate show-business breeze discovers a second stick. The slimy personality guarantees unpopular stomachs. Safety dies. Security shaves that through.