This poem is in the voice of Sonic as he tortures Knuckles. I was listening to Scott Walker's The Electrician at the time, so the poem became a play on the words of that song. There's some sort of texture I find satisfying about the drawn-out torment of a pixel game character. Anyway, this was a case of mainly printing off an image of Knuckles, drawing the lines for where I wanted the type to go, then scanning it back in and opening up Illustrator. In there, I used the pen tool to draw all the lines again, and once that was done I could type on the paths. It took ages. I typed the poem in and fiddled about with the font, colours, sizes, distortions and so on, until I thought I had created the recognisable shape of Knuckles through the type alone. Then I deleted the under-layer with the scanned picture on it. After that I knocked up a background with a lot of noise and distortion in Photoshop to give it a nice dark grainy texture, and I laid the type on top. The horrible torture of knuckles poetically streaming through his own visage! 

knuckles-ELECTRICIAN copy.jpg