One poem - The Head That Wears The Crown (The Emma Press - coming soon)

x4 pages - Battalion (Sidekick Books - coming soon)

X5 pages - No, Robot, No (Sidekick Books - coming soon)

Two poems - Aquanauts (Sidekick Books)

What Will Your Sims Do Now? - Anthology of Aunts (The Emma Press)

Two poems - Birdbook III (Sidekick Books)

The Cauldron of Knowledge - Falling Out of the Sky: Poems About Myths & Monsters (The Emma Press)

Four poems - Coin Opera II: Fulminare's Revenge (Sidekick Books)



Excerpts from Golden Burroughs Girls - Perverse (coming soon)

London is not - Salon of the Refused

Two poems - Poem In Which

Five poems - The Cadaverine

The Sniper & I - Word Riot

Four Seasons as Husband - And Other Poems

Four poems - Fake Poems

3 Small Stones - A Handful of Stones

Haigh, Haig or Hague - The Guardian

Cadence - Ink Sweat & Tears

Swine Flu – Pomegranate

Space – Etcetera

Two poems - 13 Myna Birds



Dementia as Computer Game Glitch - The Tangerine

The Dud - Poetry London

Meanwhile In A Pub Two Men Discuss... Astronaut

A Human May Be Used For Looking – Cake

Two poems - The Delinquent

Memento – Magma

Halloween Jack – Fuselit

Blue - Poetry Wales