“The brain sloshes and rocks in its liquid of loss.”

Here is a list of journals in which my poetry has appeared, both online and in print. Some of these places have unfortunately closed their doors in recent times, but all of them have been great to work with and have given me a little step up along the way. I’d like to thank all of the editors for publishing my work and offering suggestions for improving the work. Click on the links to be taken to those publications which are still active.


‘Dementia as Videogame Glitch’ in The Tangerine, Issue 3, 2017 

‘A Human May Be Used For Looking’ in Cake, Issue 5: Coffee Cake, 2013

‘Meanwhile, In A Pub Two Men Discuss’ in Astronaut Issue 2, 2013

‘The Dud’ in Poetry London, 2012

‘Memento’ in Magma, 2011

‘Halloween Jack’ in Fuselit, 2010

‘Candidate’ and ‘Doll House’ in The Delinquent, 2010

‘Blue’ in Poetry Wales, 2009


‘Excerpts from Golden Burroughs Girls’ in Perverse Issue 1A, 2018

‘London is not’ in Salon of the Refused Issue 6, 2018

‘Poem In Which The Unremarkable Is Feared’ in Poems In Which Issue 7, 2015

‘The Day You Were Augmented’, ‘Unknown Honey’, ‘The Only Way To Live’ and ‘Lady Scorpion’ in Fake Poems, 2014

‘The Four Seasons as Husband’ in And Other Poems, 2013

‘The Men Made of Wood’ and ‘The National Ice’ in Fit To Work: Poets Against Atos, 2013

‘Poem In Which The Wasps Want You’ in Poems In Which Issue 2, 2013

‘Cadence’ in Ink Sweat & Tears, 2012

‘Two Scientists’ and ‘Childhood’ in The Cadaverine, 2012

‘Haig, Haigh or Hague’, in The Guardian, 2011

‘Space’ in etcetera, 2011

‘The Sniper and I’ in Word Riot, 2010

‘The Asexual’, ‘Fate Beach’ and ‘Words’ in The Cadaverine, 2010

Three untitled mini-poems in a handful of stones, 2009

‘Swine Flu’ in Pomegranate, 2009

‘Incubator’ and ‘Models’ in 13 Myna Birds, 2009

‘Fight or Flight’, ‘Smoke’, and ‘Dismantle’ in One Night Stanzas, 2009